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Drew a large crowd of employees and kept them engaged

As an employee wellness professional I know the importance of engaging people in healthy behaviors in order to create a lasting change in their lifestyle. Hallie created a chair yoga activity at the Miami-Dade County “Worth It Wednesday” event that drew a large crowd of employees and kept them engaged. Not only did they stay and participate, they looked visibly happier and more relaxed after the session. It was definitely a hit because soon after many of the attendees implemented the practice into their workday.

Raquel Dopico
Director Miami-Dade County Employee Wellness Center

Nothing but Positive Feedback

Hallie & Len,

Thank you so much for everything you both did to make this year’s meeting so successful. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our employees and wonder how we are ever going to top this next year.

Cindy Ferraro

Cindy Ferraro
Executive Admin, CB Holdings

Highly Impressed

We were highly impressed by the chair yoga presentation offered by The Great Office Escape during our Worth It Wednesday$ Program in February. It really started the day’s event off with joyful energy and got everyone to stand up and sit down with the leadership of the yoga expert. Many employees said it brought a smile to their faces and a moment of self-reflection about what they could do to improve their lifestyle. The presentation by the professional instructor had impact. They were motivating all around. Thank you to The Great Office Escape.

Sara Vallazza
Employee Engagement Coordinator, Miami Dade County