Productivity Hacks

Productivity is pretty high up on the skills-every-employee-should-have list.

Time is of the essence and employers want to make sure that you’re not only getting the job done but doing the job right. An important part of doing the job “right” is being engaged and undistracted.

Enter the year 2015, where new electronic devices, apps, and forms of entertainment take up a bulk of your attention (think FarmVille, SnapChat, Periscope) and it’s proving to be a bit hard on everyone.

When you get distracted there’s not much productivity going on and that’s not good for you or your employer.

So how exactly can you do that when:


facebook chat keeps popping up on your desktop?

1. Stay Focusd

You know that moment between typing and realizing you’re on autopilot and have no desire to even be on Facebook? Yeah, time to fight back the brainwashing. Say hello to Stay Focusd! Stay Focusd is here to slap you on the hand every time you get the urge to login. It’s a Google Chrome extension that allows you to block certain URLs at the times you set. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.


your Database system won’t talk to your Shopping Cart?

2. Zapier
I just discovered Zapier and I couldn’t be happier. Zapier decreases the amount of tasks you have to complete by connecting all your apps together. For example I use it to connect our CRM system to our email marketing system. Bye bye exporting and important cumbersome CSV files. It sounds more confusing than it is. Really. Try it out.


you keep forgetting your passwords?

3. LatePass

Nothing kills more time than forgetting your password, locking yourself out, and having to log into your email to do the whole retreive-your-password song and dance. LatePass remembers passwords for you. Enough said.


you’re constantly going back and forth between Salesforce, Notes, and Excel Spreadsheets? 

4. Evernote

If you have a million and one things going on in your brain then Evernote is your new BFF. You can take notes, track tasks, and save things you find online. It’s like combining all your favorite programs into one just for the purpose of getting work done. Need to save a location, spreadsheet, or PDF? No problem, you can store it all in Evernote.


there’s just too many great articles calling your name but you don’t have the time to read them?

5. Pocket

Think of it as Facebook’s Newsfeed BUT with news you actually want to read. Cool, right? When you find something you want to read but don’t have the time for it right now just save it to Pocket and when you’re on break open up Pocket and get reading.


you have your go to content/media sources but don’t want to have to browse their entire website everyday?

6. Feedly

Feedly replaced my Google Alerts and Google News Search habits. Instead of spending so much time searching on numerous websites to gather the information I needed, I added them all to Feedly and now it’s my go to source to browse for the content I need.


are easily distracted?

7. JDarkRoom

Is your screen distracting you? You’ve got notifications pinging left and right and it’s almost impossible to focus on the task at hand. JDarkRoom removes all onscreen distractions by giving you a blank full-screen text file editor to work on. I’ll warn you that it looks a bit archaic but that’s part of its charm. 🙂


life is just not fast enough for you – including your keyboard?

8. AutoHotKey

Create your own keyboard shortcuts to autohack your way through your tasks. AutoHotKey is an open source software that is free for personal and commercial use.


your number of email subscriptions are through the roof?


Have an email clutter problem? Use to mass unsubscribe from multiple list at the click of your mouse. You’ll feel a huge load come right off your chest as soon as you use this.


internal communications are broken?

10. Slack

It’s true that teamwork makes the dream work. Slack helps you communicate, share and work as a team without the need for meetings. Chat, upload documents, send reports, photos and more. All data is encrypted and it currently integrates with 80 other apps – so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

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