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Meditation Is Important For Your Health

It is so important to take the time to meditate and relax your mind. Meditating has many health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, improving your mood, focus and life satisfaction. Meditating also helps boost your immune system, decreases pain and inflammation. Meditation can also make you more mindful of the life you want to live, the goals you want to achieve and the lifestyle changes that you want to make but have been struggling with making.

Who knew you could improve your health by just sitting (or lying) for a few minutes a day and focusing on quieting your mind, unifying your breath and aligning your body? I sure didn’t at first, but now as an avid practitioner of daily meditation I can tell you from experience that my sense of well being and overall outlook on life is more positive and fulfilling.

Morning Happiness Begins With Bedtime Meditation

I started my meditation practice out of a need to feel well rested and happier in the morning. I used to toss all through the night, have a million things running through my mind and a lot of life stressors lying right on my chest preventing me from being at ease.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re not a morning person and don’t know how to make your mornings happier and more productive you might want to start incorporating a peaceful meditation practice into your bedtime routine. Meditating at bedtime helps support relaxation and increases your chances of having a deep sleep which in turn gives you that well rested feeling upon waking.

As your day is winding down here are some great meditation songs you can use in your practice tonight before you hit the sack. Meditating with the help of music can make the process easier for you if you feel overwhelmed, stressed, wired or overly emotional. It’s also a great tool for those new to meditation. If you’re new to meditating then I recommend you listen to a song that’s anywhere from 5-8 mins long just to help get you in the rhythm of focusing for a set period of time. As your practice continues you can increase your time to 10 – 15 mins and so on and so forth.

Happy meditating and having #funwithhealthysideeffects !

5 Meditation Songs For a Peaceful Night

  1. Calm Music by BuddhaTribe  –\
  2. Native American Flute & Water Creek –
  3. Arabic Meditation for Beginners –
  4. Relaxing Chinese Bamboo Flute –
  5. Acoustic Guitar Sounds –

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