woman eating a salad at work

Do you have a whole production line of snacks set up at your desk?

It’s ok, I’m not judging.

I love to snack but I realized that it wasn’t the best thing to do at my desk because I looked something like this:

Homer Simpson Snacking In Front of TV

Mindlessly Snacking

I was just mindlessly munching away and eating more than necessary.

No matter what diet, detox or meal plan you’re on – if you don’t plan for what you’ll eat during those precious 8 hours at work – you can kiss all your previous efforts goodbye!

Here are 5 Tips For Healthy Eating At Work that take a pinch of planning and a dash of will power to achieve.

1. Skip The Vending Machines

Traditional vending machines are sucking the life and money out of you -literally. Not only are vending machines ridiculously expensive but they don’t offer fresh nor healthy items for you to snack on. It’s a waste of your time, health and money to give another dime to these things. If you’re not ready to give it up then at least start keeping tabs of all the times you get up to go to a vending machine and how much money you’re spending. You might be surprised at how much $1.50 for a bag of Doritos every now and then adds up at the end of the month.

2. Bring Your Own Water Jug

Purchase a BPA free gallon and mark like it like so and keep make sure you’re staying on top of it.  The general rule is that we should all be drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. However, no two bodies are alike and we each require different amounts of water depending on our overall weight, fat to muscle ratio and physical activity. If you’re going to the gym to workout for an hour but already had 8 glasses of water that day does that mean you’re not going to hydrate before and after your workout? No. When asked about this very question, Dr. Pamela Briar told LifeHacker that men should drink about 12 glasses a day and women should drink about 9 cups a day.

3. Make Your Own Snacks

The problem with most snacks, especially those in a vending machine, is that they’re filled with sugar and carbohydrates. These snacks have no nutritional value and can cause you to have a sugar rush that will eventually leave you feeling drained and extra crabby. Try making your own energy snacks. Check out this snack board I made on Pinterest just for you. Once you find a few recipes you like, you can make them in large quantities and package into small containers for easy portability. If you shop right, you’ll save money and give your body the fuel it needs.

4. Do Not Eat At Your Desk

This one is so hard, especially when you’re having a snack attack. If you eat at your desk, even healthy snacks, it’s like it never happened. Have you ever chowed down on a healthy snack while working then 15 mins later glance in confusion at the empty wrapper sitting on your desk? I sure have! Snacking at your desk sucks your into a multitasking vortex. You can’t mindfully eat at your desk because there’s just too much going on. Even if you’re in a cubicle all by yourself – you’re not in the mindset to consciously eat and divert your attention and energy to the act. You’ll be at the vending machine searching for your next surgar high in no time.

5. Brush Your Teeth

If you don’t brush your teeth after every meal maybe you should consider starting. Brushing your teeth after every meal can help deter you from eating more. The psychology behind this is that you’ve just cleaned your teeth and freshened your breath and it feels nice and clean – so why ruin it? There are plenty of travel-sized kits that come equipped with a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. Throw it in your purse, suitcase, lap-top bag, whatever and bring it to work with you.

Snack on!

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