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Thanksgiving Is Almost Here.

Can you believe we are only 8 days shy of Thanksgiving? Can you smell your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Can you hear the frying, sizzling, crackling, popping, and fizzing of meals and beverages being shuffled around the kitchen and passed off to loved ones at the dining room table?


Thanksgiving can be a fun and belly-filled good time for you to see your family and give thanks for another year together.

However, for some Thanksgiving can be a time of pain where wounds and repressed memories are re-opened. It can be a very emotionally taxing time in your life and you may not know how to approach it or what to do. How do you express your feelings without ruining your happiness or the happiness of others.

1. Make Peace With The Past
I know that is better said, written and thought of than done; but those are the first steps to actually making peace with the past. If you say it, “I have made peace with the past and I’m moving on”, you will start to think it, believe it and before you know it you will be at peace with the past.

2. Celebrate Thanksgiving on Your Own Terms
Who says you HAVE to spend Thanksgiving with your family? I guess tradition would dictate that but you get to live your life on your own terms. You don’t have to spend time with your family if you don’t want to or you’re just not ready to. Your path to healing is your own and if anyone judges you for not wanting to have dinner at so and so’s place then that’s their own problem and issues and it’s not for you to carry.

3. Start Meditating
You’ve probably heard this a million times now and it’s not a “you should be meditating” suggestion but more of a reminder that it’s a practice that has many benefits. Research has shown that meditation can provide health benefits like reducing your stress levels or ease your anxiety. If you’re interested in starting a meditation practice check out 5 Meditation Songs for a Peaceful Night to get you on the right path.

4. Do Some Yoga
Yoga is a great way to get your body moving but even more so getting your body, spirit and mind on the same page. You don’t have to achieve the “advanced” poses or even be able to touch your toes to get all the feel good benefits that come from practicing yoga. It might be the coping mechanism you need to prepare yourself for Thanksgiving.

5. Set Your Intentions For The Day
Upon waking on Thanksgiving Day start your morning routine by setting your intentions for the day. What that means is that you’re going to speak into existence what you want to happen on Thanksgiving. You might say, “Today is going to be a great day” and that’s it. Or you might be more specific and say, “On this Thanksgiving Day I will not let others control my emotions”.

Peace & LOVE,

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