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Let’s talk a little about Yoga and how you can incorporate it into your work day- without much effort. We know that yoga can be very intimidating, especially when most advertisements show yogis in advanced poses.

Don’t worry, we won’t be asking you to do a headstand. We won’t because that is just not the point of Yoga. Yoga helps us to redirect and recenter our energy so that we can see things clearer.

Whether you’re an experience yoga practitioner or have never attempted to do yoga – you can benefit from these five yoga at work poses listed below.

Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Benefits of Tadasana:

“Tadasana, or Mountain Pose, is a basic standing posture and is, therefore, the foundation for all others. Physically, it helps to create space within the body, allowing internal organs to work more efficiently. This can drastically improve respiration as well as digestion and circulation. Mentally, it leaves its users invigorated and motivated, making it perfect for an early A.M. yoga session”. – CNY Healing Arts

Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Benefits of Tree Pose:

  • Strengthens thighs, calves, ankles, and spine
  • Stretches the groins and inner thighs, chest and shoulders
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Relieves sciatica and reduces flat feet

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Utkatasana – Chair Pose

Benefits of Chair Pose:

  • Exercises the spine, hips and chest muscles
  • Helps strengthen the lower back and torso
  • Tones the thigh, ankle, leg and knee muscles
  • Balances the body and brings determination in the mind

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Muktasana – Perfect Pose

Benefits of Muktasana/Siddhasana:

• Siddhasana directs the energy from the lower psychic centers upward through the spine, stimulating the brain and calming the entire nervous system.
• Redirects blood circulation to the lower spine and abdomen, toning the lumbar region of the spine, the pelvis and the abdominal organs, and balancing the reproductive system and blood pressure.
• Stabilizes and sublimates sexual energy because of the position of the feet with respect to the genitals. – Yandara

Shavasana – Dead Man’s Pose

Benefits of Shavasana:

  • Relaxes your central nervous system and calms your mind
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Relaxes your body
  • Decreases beta brain waves and shifts to slower brain waves
  • Reduces insomnia and helps improve your sleep
  • Reduces headache and fatigue
  • Helps relieve depression
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