At The Great Office Escape, we believe that one can achieve wellness on their own terms.

What that means is that we’re not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do to be healthy. We are open to all the different ways that a person can find a balance between health and happiness.

If one person likes to go on long walks after work and another person likes to go weight lifting in the mornings before work – they are both equally achieving wellness on their own terms.

Regardless of whether it’s your goal to lose those last 15 pounds – or not, these 50 ways to get your body moving that don’t involve signing up for a gym membership.

  1. Take a walk at the park, along the beach or around your neighborhood.
  2. Run around the playground with the little ones in your family.
  3. Lace up your sneakers and go for a jog or a run.
  4. Dust off your old blades and go roller skating or ice skating.
  5. Pack a compass and water and go for a hike.
  6. Put on your dancing shoes and dance around your desk, kitchen, room, wherever!
  7. Sing your heart out in Karaoke with friends.
  8. Shoot some hoops with friends.
  9. Play baseball.
  10. Play kickball.
  11. Play soccer.
  12. Play football.
  13. Start a garden.
  14. Help a friend pack and move.
  15. Go for a swim.
  16. Fly a kite.
  17. Go jet-skiing.
  18. Go paddle boarding.
  19. Go surfing.
  20. Go biking.
  21. Go bowling with the gang.
  22. Do some jumping jacks.
  23. Do some squats.
  24. Do some sit-ups.
  25. Do some oblique twists.
  26. Do some burpees.
  27. Do some push-ups.
  28. Do some pull-ups.
  29. Sweep & mop the floors.
  30. Wipe down all the counters and cabinets in the house.
  31. Wash, dry and fold your laundry.
  32. Clean your car (inside and out).
  33. Invite friends over for board game fun.
  34. Take a yoga or pilates class.
  35. Sit against the wall for 60 seconds.
  36. Do a walking meditation in the backyard or across your living room.
  37. Hula hoop for 5 minutes.
  38. Play catch outside.
  39. Take Fido to the dog park.
  40. Volunteer at a rec center, animal shelter, habitat for humanity, or food pantry.
  41. Do some calf raises.
  42. Refurbish old furniture.
  43. Repaint a room.
  44. Build something – a small bird feeder or a big tree house!
  45. Go camping.
  46. Pull out the jump ropes.
  47. Go rock climbing.
  48. Go zip lining.
  49. Create a tire obstacle course in the backyard.
  50. Play an instrument for an hour.

Have some ideas? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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