About The Great Office Escape

Our company was founded on the belief that employees, customers, and strategic partners, are among a company’s most valuable assets. In supporting their ambitions and helping them to achieve their goals – companies in turn help shape their success. Today, this philosophy is considered to be an “Employee Centric” approach to business. We are happy to say that we’ve utilized this approach to help our clients reach their goals, since our business was founded..

We customize our clients’ initiatives to speak to the demographics of their audience. We know that each company workforce is unique and no two individuals are alike. Every participant has different wants, desires and motivators for achievements. By understanding these motivators, we can engage your audience to measurable actions that achieve your business goals.

We can’t manage what we can’t measure. Measurement is a crucial part of our process. We want to make sure that the programs we create and facilitate on your behalf are successful at achieving your goals. Whether your goals are to increase sales, engagement, productivity or an overall sense of well being amongst your team we’ve got you covered with proven measurement techniques.

This business philosophy has inspired many of our successful forward thinking programs and services. We would like to learn more about you, your team and explore ways to help your audience feel continually valued while accomplishing your goals.

Our fun-inspired wellness programs are designed to help small, midsize and large businesses build a supportive culture of wellness. Your employees will have fun while becoming more engaged, productive and motivated to achieve your corporate goals.

Motivate and reward your team with an incentive travel trip they won’t forget! Whether your goals are to increase sales, meet a launch deadline, land a major client or expand into new markets – we can help create, plan and execute the perfect travel incentive program for you.

Face-to-face meetings are the smartest investment that you can make in the individuals important to your success. We provide everything you need to host a successful and effective meeting.

Our events deliver your corporate goals infused with a level of energy and camaraderie you just can’t achieve in an office setting.