Woman sitting at work desk

Who wants to work at a boring desk?

Not me!

Your desk is where the magic happens. Where you crunch numbers, feverishly pound down on your keyboard to get emails, out, reports completed, websites designed, or projects finalized.


Your workspace should be a place where you can get work done and feel comfortable.

Here are some super simple and quick ways you can Feng shui your workspace to achieve random spurts of happiness throughout your day:


1. Add a splash of color

I cringe whenever I walk into a cold and bland workspace. I sometimes wonder if some employers are purposefully trying to turn their employees mad with a lack of vibrancy and stimulation. As we’ve learned from Sonia, colors can affect us in positive ways like sparking creativity and happiness.  If your favorite color is red – buy a red stapler, red paper clips, red sticky tabs, or red post-its. Quick fix: Find something you like in red online, print it out and place within view. Or pick up an adult coloring book from Michaels and color your own work of art to place on your wall. Viola!


2. Post your favorite quote

Bring your Pinterest addiction to life by sticking your favorite quote on the wall above your desk. Their are tons of nice canvassed quotes you can find at Walmart, Target, Costco or Amazon. Feeling crafty? Make your own with this DIY Quote on Canvas Video by Whats Up Moms. Consider making a smaller sized canvas as the suggested size in that video might be a tad much for the office. Quick fix: Find your favorite quote on Pinterest (no getting stuck in the vortex – in and out!) and save it as your desktop wallpaper.


3. Showcase a happy photo

First you’ll need to pick out a funky frame from the thrift shop (or make your own). Next you’ll need to decide on which one of your favorite photos (an epic selfie, Rocky Balboa, a cat meme, your mom, or baby) is going to be the lucky winner. Whatever photo can make you smile at the drop of a dime is the one you should place on your desk. Pick wisely young Padawan.  Quick fix: Find a funny meme online, print and post above your monitor. This would most definitely do the trick for me. Ha!


4. Play some feel-good tunes

Happiness aside, did you know that music helps positively effects office based tasks? Jam your way through the rest of your workday with an at-work playlist. Quick Fix: Search for a free work music playlist or pop open your Spotify, iTunes, or Apple Music account.


5. Let your personality shine

I recently came across a Mike Tyson Mysteries figurine on someone’s desk and for some reason it was the funniest thing to me. Maybe it was just the combination of seeing the tough guy in mini scale with the face tattoo and all that got me rolling. Bringing a small and non-distracting item to place on your desk can make you smile, feel comfortable or even serve as an ice breaker when others drop in. Quick Fix: Grab a small item from your coffee table and bring it to work with you today.


6. Sit on an Iron Throne

This should probably be number one because it’s really important! If you’re going to sit for 8 plus hours a day – you bet your bottom dollar that your happiness is going to be tied to the chair you’re sitting in. There are so many types of chairs you can choose from – it’s really up to you. Maybe you want to sit on a medicine ball and get some ab action going. Ergonomical chairs (which are supposed to be great for your back) are all the rave now. Not So Quick, but fun, Fix: Get your co-workers together and have an office chair makeover party. Each person just needs a piece of fabric and a screwdriver.

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