Client: Restaurant Chain


The company had recently acquired another restaurant group. Their goal were:

  • Increase the brands presence in the eastern U.S. and maximize profits through volume purchases and consolidation of the corporate management staff.
  • Restore morale and trust among management and employees.
  • Build and strengthen trust, teamwork and communication amongst:
  • the management staff;
    management and employees; and
  • Motivate management and employees to share and achieve set corporate objectives.
  • Train and educate staff from the acquired company on the corporate culture, procedures and products of the parent restaurant group.
  • New product and procedural training for the entire staff.
  • Coordinate breakout sessions and manage flow to facilitate training and education.
  • Accomplish all of the above in a four-day, three-night offsite meeting.
  • Select an offsite destination that was easily accessible by car or air.
  • Select a resort property that could accommodate the group, yet small enough to maintain the integrity of the program.
  • Offset all the costs associated with such an endeavor.


The acquiring company selected the best candidates for each position from the two-restaurant group’s management and employee staffs. As in many corporate restructurings, when positions are consolidated, even the remaining staff may experience job related anxiety, causing morale to decline. The Great Office Escape Staff listened intently as Senior Management described the desired objectives; and the challenges their company was now facing. The Great Office Escape’s first order of business was to determine the strategies and solutions best suited for:

  • Achieving the client’s objectives
  • Overcoming the challenges
  • Offsetting the cost of the program

The Great Office Escape Solutions

Create value added Supplier Sponsorships to offset the cost of all elements of the program. In addition to the ‘traditional” sponsorship advantages, The Great Office Escape Team created opportunities for the suppliers to conduct product training for the entire restaurant staff, while networking (in an informal environment) with the client’s purchasing agents.

This strategy garnered tremendous participation from a wide range of suppliers, from the restaurant software vendor, to liquor and wine distributors, to produce and meat suppliers. All of the sponsors recognized that the more familiar the restaurant staff was with the sponsored products, the more likely the staff was to use and promote them to the restaurant guests. In fact, this strategy was so successful, that the entire program costs were offset by supplier sponsorships, with funds left over for future events.


The Great Office Escape designed a fast-paced meeting agenda that promoted the attendees’ engagement, focus and interaction. The benefits derived from integrating teambuilding with the training and educational seminars were invaluable in achieving the client’s meeting objectives.

The meeting was definitely a success. This email received from the client says it all:


Thank you so much for everything you both did to make this year’s meeting so successful. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our employees and wonder how we are ever going to top this next year. Hallie & Len”