Client: Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Supply


  • Drive customers to client
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Increase overall purchase totals
  • Broaden customer base
  • Build loyalty
  • Maintain purchase momentum through all quarters


The company has several competitors in close proximity to their showroom. How do they keep the customer engaged and buying from them throughout the year?

Differentiate themselves from their competition.

As manufacturers announce new models, the company must sell existing inventory to make room for them.

The Great Office Escape Solutions

The Great Office Escape created a program that rewarded the customers who achieved the designated purchase requirements. The value of each customers purchases accumulated points that earned the customer, “An Exclusive 5-Day Caribbean Holiday” reward.

The Great Office Escape handled all aspects of developing and implementation of the program. The Great Office Escape negotiated with program suppliers, designed and scheduled the program announcements, set-up the full-scope of the reward experience and The Great Office Escape was there for complete on-site management.

To elicit excitement and encourage continued participation, THE GREAT OFFICE ESCAPE suggested including contest “progress reports” on the customer’s monthly statements, recapping total purchases and how many purchases were needed to achieve their dream vacation. You can bet that the next time they order supplies ,it is going to be from the company offering the reward.

Measurement Criteria

  • Broaden Customer base
  • Increase in sales of older inventory and past year’s models
  • Improve average sales over the following 12 months


The client realized significant growth and loyalty directly related to those customers who qualified.  Through the program, the client was able to increase their market share, increase current customer purchases, and solidify brand loyalty.

The Great Office Escape’s experienced team handled the full range of the program logistics, ensuring all winners enjoyed a comfortable and hassle free travel experience—a critical part of any purchase or sales incentive program.