Regional Mortgage Company


Elicit strong 3rd and 4th quarter revenues while strengthening loyalty and broker retention.


  • Competition among mortgage companies is high.
  • Retention of high-earning brokers and motivating medium-earning brokers became this company’s top priority.
  • Sales declined in Q1 and Q2, compared to sales at the same time the year before.
  • In addition sales were behind fiscal-year target entering Q3 and Q4.
  • Decrease broker turnover
    Gift rewards (TVs, DVDs) and cash incentives were not effective in motivating brokers to reach individual sales goals.
  • Company lacked experience and resources to develop and manage the travel reward program, including design measurement criteria, motivating factors and set budget.
  • Sales revenue varied greatly among the mortgage brokers. Therefore the measurement criteria had to be designed to offer each broker a fair and equal opportunity to participate in earning the reward.


The Great Office Escape Created the Fiesta Americana/Cancun Incentive Program—a travel incentive reward was designed to motivate each broker to achieve a standard percentage increase for next two quarters.


We worked with the client to create all communication materials and set the schedule that the communication would be presented to the target audience. In addition, we was able to save the client promotional money by using mailing materials from the hotel and destination.

Extending Engagement

To keep the target audience engaged and motivated, The Great Office Escape recommended that the travel incentive program be part of the focus of the company’s weekly revenue meetings; and that each broker receive a weekly promotional message and a bimonthly sales report.


At The Great Office Escape’s suggestion, the travel rewards were packaged into specially designed, festive envelopes and presented to the winners at their weekly sales meeting in front of their peers. This allowed the rewarded brokers valuable peer recognition and bragging rights, while motivating the non-earner to achieve unprecedented results in future programs.

Measurement Criteria

Each Mortgage Broker was given a recap of their original revenue projection for the existing year and an adjusted revenue goal reflecting the current trend in the housing market.

Brokers were put into 1 of 3 categories based on their previous sales history and expected sales for the two quarters.

Dividing the group into three categories allowed each broker the opportunity to earn a reward, while continuing to recognize the highest achievers. This created a fair and friendly competitive spirit among the Mortgage Brokers.


The program was a tremendous success.  The brokers individually achieved greater sales and helped the company reach their revenue projections.

In addition, the relaxed environment was the perfect arena to strengthen relationships and create long-term broker’s loyalty to the company’s brand.

Feedback from the participants was extremely positive. The Mortgage Brokers enjoyed the amenities, service and beauty of the beach resort. They also appreciated that sightseeing and water activities were included. This allowed them to participate in excursions and sports that they would never have bought for themselves and the lasting memories will forever be associated with the sponsoring company.

The attendees shared their excitement and experiences and successfully inspired the associate brokers to strive for exceptional sales in years to come