Because having your team invested in your goals gives you a competitive advantage.


Whether your goals are to: 

  • Increase sales & productivity
  • Improve customer & employee retention
  • Enhance product knowledge and training
  • Promote Audience Engagement
  • Boost Morale & Teambuilding
  • Improve Communications
  • Strengthen business relationships

How Do We Do It?

We know that employees, customers, and channel partners are among a company’s most valuable assets. Our team has the experience, creativity, and passion for helping companies ensure these individuals feel continually valued, motivating them to measurable actions that achieve any and all of your business goals.

By shouldering all of the to-dos of building and executing a winning initiative, you can count on TheGOE to become your trusted partner.  Your team will be free to focus on the program content, and network with your important business associates.

Our seasoned professionals operate behind the scenes as your invisible assistants to ensure outstanding results and real ROI, while saving your company time, money and energy.

We Help You:

by giving your audience an overall out of the box experience that equips them with the tools and motivation to be the best they can at their position and to feel like a true part of the team.


by bringing your people together through our expertly designed travel incentives, meeting and events that connect individuals, teams and departments to work efficiently and in a more productive manner


Whether we are helping you with an employee wellness program, travel incentive, meeting or event, we help your team unplug and build relationships in a relaxed environment.

Our Method:
Your Goals + Our Customized Programs
= Your Business Success


We listen to your unique needs and respond with valuable strategies and solutions to maximize the potential of your target audience

Set Goals

We work with you to identify and quantify objectives and goals and match them to the best solution, making sure that they are obtainable, specific, straightforward and measurable – all designed to connect with your target audience

Design program components and parameters

We know that your requirements are unique. The components and the parameters surrounding them will be yours alone and geared to have the greatest impact in achieving your corporate goals.


Your budget must be carefully explored; including and not limited to the cost of the program, design, communication, and logistics. We utilize cost-effective strategies to provide the perfect program and best value for you.

Suggest Venues, Experiences, Destinations & Itinerary Development

We have the expertise and resources to give you the world or create an exciting experience in your own backyard. We will recommend a variety of venues, experiences, and, destinations, based on all of our client’s criteria; including but not limited to: your goals, budget, and the demographics target audience.

Negotiate Best Value From All Suppliers

One of our top priorities is securing the best values for every aspect of your program; this includes negotiating with all venues, including Resorts, Hotels, Food & Beverage, Airlines, Ground Operators, Event and Entertainment on our client’s behalf.  We have over 45+ years of successful negotiating experience.  You can depend on us to create a successful event that achieves your goals.

Establish measurement criteria

Measurement criteria are a crucial part of any program. We can’t stress this enough-the need for built-in metrics to help in tracking the return on your investment and return on your objectives.

Implementation & Onsite Management

Our expert team operates behind the scenes to ensure outstanding results while saving your company time, energy, and money. 
 It’s our job to make you look great before, during, and after the implementation of our services. Although we can be onsite to help facilitate, you are the ambassador, and we are your assistants.

Crisis Management

Let’s face it. We can’t control everything, but we can prepare ahead of time. We will develop crisis management,and crisis communications plan to handle any crisis before it arises.



Whatever goals you want to achieve, The Great Office Escape will work with you to determine the criteria for success, and provide the post-meeting assessment to review results and identify ways to keep the momentum going.



Measurement is a crucial part of our process. We want to make sure that the programs we create and facilitate on your behalf are successful at achieving your goals. Whether your goals are to increase sales, engagement, productivity, or an overall sense of well being amongst your team, we’ve got you covered with proven measurement techniques.